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Low Porosity Hair

Low porosity has a tightly bound cuticle layer with overlapping scales that lay flat. This hair type is generally considered to be healthy, it looks shiny particularly when it's dark in colour. It’s lipophilic so it loves oil and repels moisture,  when you try to wet it you will often find that it takes a little while before it allows any water or products to actually penetrate the hair shaft.  You can usually see beads of water or product will sit on top of the hair. 

Can be prone to protein build up from protein rich deep conditioners so their use should be limited to occasional use.  Select liquid milky moisturisers over cream based formulas.  We recommend using a conditioner mixed with water in a spray bottle because mixed with conditioning surfactants it makes it easier for your hair to absorb the water.  Stick to protein-free, daily conditioners with humectants such as glycerin or honey.  Use a steamer, heat cap or hooded dryer to open the cuticles or do overnight deep conditioning treatments to allow the heat from your body to allow the hair shaft to open so that the formula can penetrate your hair more deeply. 

model with hair. low porosity hair

Medium Porosity Hair

This type of hair has well balanced cuticles which are open enough to take in the right amount of moisture and are close together enough to hold onto just enough water.  This perfectly balanced cuticle design allows moisture to penetrate the hair shaft easily and take in just what your hair needs.  Usually easy to style and holds a style very well it can be permed and colour treated with predictable results.  Tends to look healthy, glossy and shiny this hair type needs the least amount of maintenance and in a perfect hair world we all want you medium porosity.   

Hair care practices can play a crucial part in changing hair porosity.  Blow drying, bleaching, straightening, over washing and using harsh products can all cause damage overtime.   These processes will alter the cuticles and raise them making it harder for your hair to retain moisture. Occasional deep conditioning treatments with protein conditioners can benefit medium porosity hair, but proteins should not be included in your daily regime.


Woman with medium porosity hair


High Porosity Hair

High porosity hair can be either due to genetics or as a result of damage from chemical processing. It has raised cuticles and tends to be more dry and prone to breakage.  Its hydrophilic, porous and water loving.  It has a higher anionic charge (-) negative charge so will generally be more frizzy, tangle and can even experience stunted growth due to issues with breakage.  It takes in water easily but has trouble holding onto it as the water evaporates out of the hair shaft as quickly as it absorbs it.  Can be prone to dryness, breakage and tangling these tresses need extra special attention and TLC!

Be gentle with your hair no vigorous brushing or putting your hands in your hair too frequently.  Regular deep conditioning  with protein rich treatments can help to fill in the cuticles and strengthen the hair.  Hot oil treatments or pre shampoo treatments are super important, they are the key to getting your hair back to a lipophilic state and sealed.  Use shampoos and conditioners containing cationic surfactants, they have a positive charge and opposites attract even when it comes to hair!  Regular layering with a leave-in conditioner, protective oils and butters are imperative for sealing in hydration and preventing your hair from losing too much moisture.


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