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Meet the Founder,

Welcome to my beauty Boutique. I am the CEO & Founder of Skin & Glory. I know I am not daring and bold, loud and proud nor am I the life and soul of the party, so this is quite a difficult thing for me to do. One thing I do know is that for you to understand what Skin & Glory is about I must tell you the story behind its birth. Skin & Glory is a brand with a philosophy centred around holistic, cosmetics and wellness. Our approach recognises this relationship between lifestyle and physical appearance.

Everything works in synergy so we recognise the importance of aspects like diet, emotional and physical wellness. Rather than prescribing magical topical treatments, we are building a community that empowers others to share practical advice on achieving inner beauty through optimum physical health. It is this holistic lifestyle that enables our customers to yield the best results from our products.

I create products for all skin and hair types and textures and strongly believe in being an inclusive brand not only wanting to focus or serving one group or another but all of my community. I source and combine the best cosmetic grade ingredients derived from all four corners of the earth and combine them to make the most harmonious botanical blends you can trust to nourish your skin and hair needs.

I care enough about all people to research and develop products for all. I pride myself on putting in that extra TLC in order to give up to date information and practical advice for you to achieve optimum results for your individual needs. One size doesn’t fit all and we’re all about giving you that perfect fit. Our products contain nutrient dense organic butters, carrier oils and active ingredients all freshly handmade in small batches with love.

Our products contain nutrient dense organic butters, carrier oils and active ingredients all freshly handmade in small batches with love.

meet the founder

Our Philosophy

Here at Skin & Glory we pride ourselves on transparency and honesty in all that we do. All ingredients are carefully selected, free from animal cruelty and vegetarian friendly. We use raw materials from plant-based sources and choose not to use slaughterhouse by-products such as gelatine, collagen, animal-based emulsifiers and soap ingredients. In cases where beeswax is used, no bees are harmed in the harvesting of this natural product.

We understand that individuals have their own personal standards regarding what is suitable for vegan use. Each product ingredient will be clearly labelled on the website providing the customer with an informed choice on what they purchase. 

We want you to have a pleasant experience unpacking and using our products and have found a balance in making this possible without extra unnecessary boxing. We have carefully considered our selection of packaging to ensure it is environmentally friendly, recycled and reusable. We will be introducing refillable packaging options where appropriate as we grow. This will keep costs down for you and reduce unnecessary waste.

Locally sourced ingredients

To reduce our carbon footprint ingredients are locally sourced where possible. We purchase from trusted suppliers who are certified by the Organic Soil Association and Fair Trade.

We are committed to being part of supply chains that have a positive impact on emerging economies in the developing world.

We purchase as many raw materials as possible from suppliers who work with community projects and cooperatives. The workers harvest, gather and prepare the raw ingredients in a way that does not disturb the local ecosystem. We believe in responsible resourcing and want our products to be just as good for the environment as they are for us all.

product formulation. making chemical free hair butter for afro hair in Ghana

Our Story!

We began making simple anhydrous hair and body butters around five years ago for our own family, and over time the knowledge and experience gained through being in the industry has led us into formulating more complex cosmetic products that we believe others can also benefit from.

Our team have valuable experience; coming from a makeup artistry background having qualified in 2013 and later employed by a popular high street Cosmetic brand, we have a long-held passion for skin and hair care products. In recent years we have become increasingly conscious of our health and well-being in a holistic sense and understand that what we apply topically is just as important as what we ingest into our temples.

What we eat goes into our temples and affect out skin and hair. If we eat junk then our skin and hair would show us. It can either grow our hair or stunt our hair growth. Likewise, it can clear our skin, bring back it's natural glow or cause acne.

As a brand founded on natural principles, we believe in the healing capacity of plants but we also recognise there are times when science can enhance what nature has to offer.

Our research and experience familiarised us with the healing power of nutritious herbs, which serve as the base of all of our formulas but we don’t avoid synthetic ingredients, instead we take an approach of carefully choosing quality base materials and delivery systems using clean actives that complement each other and your skin and hair.

High quality safe synthetics are carefully selected combined with organic ingredients for definitive results, this ensures the finest quality at affordable prices. We are a hub where you can come and find information to assist you in your holistic journey to healthy skin, hair and mental wellness.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us and find everything you are looking for to satisfy your skin and hair needs!

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Our Mission!

At Skin & Glory, we have a passion for creating exceptional skin and haircare products for all.

Committed to providing our customers with knowledge of good skin care practices and hair care regimes.

Deliver cosmetics that enhance your natural beauty, giving you youthful, radiant skin that glows. Promote strong, healthy hair.

Empower our community by providing holistic advice and information that promotes well-being and the tools to feel confident and glow from the inside out.

To become a trusted partner by providing an excellent service to our customers.

Continually innovating to develop new products and sourcing the finest ingredients to provide value for money for our customers.

Open to new ideas and suggestions that can develop relations with our customers and we grow together as a community.

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Our Promise to You!

You are at the centre everything we do.

We Always have your Health and Well-being in MIND.

We will Never compromise on quality.

We will never test on animals.

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Created with Integrity!

Responsibly source a balance of natural extracts and powerful synthetic alternatives that mimic nature without stripping the earth of its natural resources Reduce waste without unnecessary packaging To always work with partners who share our core values

woman holding her natural 4c hair. How to care for 4c hair? How to stop breakage and hair loss in black hair? Black women and their natural hair. World Afro day

Holistic, Cosmetics, Wellness

Here at Skin and Glory we are committed to diligently research and develop cosmetic products to bring you innovative luxury products that give impeccable outcomes for your individual needs. Our products contain nutrient dense organic butters, carrier oils and active ingredients all freshly handmade in small batches with love.


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